15 recipes to use all your taco meat up with

I’m sure we’ve all been there, done that: had some sort of Taco Tuesday or Mexican Night when it comes to dinner, whether it is for company, or just something that you family likes to do, and we all know that sometimes we have some extra meat. Maybe you dedicate one night a week to use up all of those delicious leftovers in your fridge. Whatever you do, sometimes it’s fun to repurpose leftovers into something completely and totally different, am I right?!

Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a quick little appetizer or snack, let’s just say that taco meat makes some pretty darn good leftovers. We’re not talking just your classic taco-seasoned ground beef…sometimes we cook with other proteins, such as chicken or shrimp too!

All we’re trying to say here is that all leftovers matter and deserve a chance to get eaten…again and again! Let’s look at some ways to do just that (in no particular order, of course)!

What’s your favorite ways to use up some leftovers with taco meat?!

Whether you’re looking for something for breakfast, like a frittata…or something for lunch like a layered taco salad…or even some walking tacos for a casual dinner party night, we’ve certainly got you covered here!

Some delicious options will be discussed with regular and all time classic and favorite taco-seasoned ground beef…a couple of options will have chicken…and one option will have shrimp; however, fear not because the beauty about leftovers is that it’s all interchangable! No matter what kind of meat you had the night before (or let’s be honest…a couple of nights before), will work just fine – chorizo ​​and pork also work well too (remember that, even though those may not be mentioned later on within this piece)!