7 baby potato recipes, using fingerlings, peewees, new potatoes and more

There are plenty of small potatoes from which to choose, such as the new potatoes of spring, fingerlings, peewees, and miniature reds and purples. Have a look at these recipes from our archives to remind yourself of their versatility and variety.

Roasted Radishes, Potatoes and Crispy Lentils. Here’s another vegetarian dish that combines potatoes and lentils, but in this case, creamy radishes and potatoes are offset by lentils that are roasted at a high temperature until they turn crispy and start to blister.

Red Chile Potatoes. As cookbook author Priya Krishna shared with us a few years ago, potatoes are a bright star of Indian cuisine. In this dish, small new potatoes or red potatoes are boiled and simply seasoned with red chili powder and chaat masala, a spice blend that’s sweet, salty and savory.