9×13 Chicken Recipes You’ll Make Again and Again

The best thing about a chicken casserole—other than its gloriously creamy and cheesy components—is the easy versatility and universal appeal that allows it to seamlessly blend into any family supper or neighborhood potluck. When it comes to your heavy-hitter chicken recipes, a skillet or small baking pan just doesn’t cover it. That’s when you know it’s a job for the 9×13 casserole dish. From the ever-comforting chicken pot pie to the crowd-pleasing chicken spaghetti, these 9×13 chicken recipes deserve to be in the spotlight, if only because we know you’ll be able to depend on them time after time. It’s hard to find recipes that are this quick to prepare, incredibly portable, make-ahead friendly, and satisfying for any occasion. So don’t look any further for easy chicken casserole recipes to make as soon as you can pull out your 9×13.