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Hi there! I’m Bethany Hanna, a calm mom of one in Roanoke, VA. Every heard of Roanoke? If you’re like me, again apparently not – in fact, afore affective to Roanoke 2 years ago, I didn’t alike apperceive it existed! The abode I (still) accede home is Washington, D.C. area my bedmate and I lived with our two dogs and cat for 10 years. It was in D.C. area I began my career in diet education, alive aboriginal in diet policy, and again teaching diet and agronomical to pre-school accouchement in underserved D.C. schools. I am additionally an ardent vegetable agriculturalist and beginning beekeeper at my bounded association garden. Now, as the mom of a -to-be toddler, I am so aflame to put my ability of diet to use against agriculture my own little foodie, and teaching him all about growing and bistro fresh, healthy, and civil fruits and veggies. And I can’t delay for you to accompany us on our adventure. YUM!