Best Prosciutto Recipes – How To Make Recipes With Prosciutto

Whether you’re wrapping it, sprinkling it, or just popping it straight in your mouth, Italian prosciutto has a special something about it that shines and brings out the best in other ingredients in everything from appetizers to main dishes. Check out our 20 recipes for inspiration when you want something a little fancier than bacon.

If you’re unfamiliar, prosciutto, which translates to “ham” in Italian, is basically dry-cured pork that’s sliced ​​papery thin. There are technically two kinds, prosciutto cotto (or “cooked”) and prosciutto crudo (or “raw). They’re both delicious and can work in many applications, but you might want to seek out one or the other based on what you’re making. Prosciutto cotto is going to be more moist and bright pink than its partner, and is best for pairing with strong flavors. Here, we’d use it in our prosciutto-melon panini or our flatbread with peach, prosciutto, and mozzarella. Prosciutto crudo is usually darker red and more intensely flavorful than its cousin—as you eat it, the fat melts on your tongue leaving an addicting sweet and salty taste. We’d pair it here with our prosciutto-wrapped melon skewers (if you’ve never tried prosciutto and melon, get on it STAT).

Prosciutto makes for the BEST appetizer. It screams fancy, without a lot of extra work on your part. Pair it with some jams, crackers, olives and nuts for a superb cheese board, or use it to make otherwise standard apps shine extra bright. Try our cranberry brie jalapeno poppers (we know, crazy combo, but it works!), prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, or maple prosciutto wrapped brie for apps that are certain to wow your crowd.

We also like to use it to jazz up our otherwise average dinner nights. It pairs well with other meat, like blank slate chicken or decadent beef, and with chewy, carby pasta. Try our chicken saltimbocca or beef wellington for a meal that’s sure to impress, or just toss it in with spaghetti or tortellini for a quicker weeknight meal. You could even pair it with greens—even salad-haters will love one when it’s got salty, melt-on-your-tongue prosciutto folded in among the other ingredients, like in our kale, apple, pecorino salad.

Want even more ideas? Try swapping prosciutto in for any of our bacon or ham recipes too!