Chicken Sausage Brands Ranked From Worst To Best

Aidells makes a chicken sausage for nearly every occasion. There are more than 15 varieties, including chicken recipes that include apple, habanero, green chile, artichoke, garlic, bacon, mushroom, spinach, feta, Swiss, and even mango and pineapple.

There’s so much going for this sausage and so many reasons to pick this up on your next trip to the grocery store. All sausages are nitrite/nitrate-free, MSG-free, and hormone-free. Already, we’re off to a great start.

The flavors are also spot on and the sausages are full of spice. So why did they come in last on the list? There have been a few packages sold that contained bones or other hard materials. One Yelp reviewer said, “I love their product. I buy it often at Costco to make chili. I found two huge bone pieces in my chili today, and they were sharp pointy pieces that may have punctured my intestines on the way down. careful!”

Another Yelp reviewer said, “Sausage is very tasty, but I found large bone fragments in chicken sausage. Beware!”

These shoppers may have experienced isolated incidents, but we cannot recommend the product, despite the delicious taste and variety.