Melissa Clark roasts chicken thighs, makes soup with leftovers

‘Tis the season for quick and comforting dinners. Roast chicken is just the thing to make to enjoy one night and then turn into soups, sandwiches, potpies, pastas and many more satisfying dishes. Food writer, cookbook author and staff reporter for The New York Times, Melissa Clark is joining TODAY to share one of her go-to make-ahead chicken recipes that can be turned into a second easy dinner. She shows us how to make marinated roast chicken thighs with garlicky yogurt sauce and uses the leftovers to prepare a warming soup with orzo and spinach.

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I love this recipe because of the boneless, skinless chicken thighs. Unlike the perfectly lean, smooth meat of the chicken breast, skinless thighs occupying a middle ground between delicate white meat and the richer, more sinewy flesh of the drumstick and wing. Without their bones and skin, thighs are often appealing to diners who prefer unbroken expanses of texturally uniform, un-squishy meat easily eaten with a knife and fork — no gnawing or fingers required.

Spicy Chicken and Orzo Soup

Courtesy Melissa Clark

This is a great mid-week meal! So cozy and comforting, while still being packed with nutrients. It’s extra easy to make since the soup is made of mostly pantry ingredients and leftover chicken.

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