Roast Chicken and Vegetables With Tahini Recipe

This comforting but peppy chicken-and-vegetable combo accommodates any root vegetables that you like or need to use up. Roast them alongside morsels of boneless chicken thighs that have been tossed with ginger, dill and citrus zest. What comes out of the oven needs just a drizzle of straight-from-the-jar tahini: It is nutty, creamy and a great counterpart to sweet root vegetables, for those times you just don’t feel like making a sauce. Finish with more herbs and maybe a scattering of red-pepper flakes and sesame seeds, then pile the mixture over whole grains, a salad or sautéed greens, or into a pita. For a vegetarian version, swap the chicken for chickpeas, extra-firm tofu or tempeh.