Watch: Make This Delicious Garlic Chicken For An Easy Dinner

Who doesn’t love chicken?! Whatever the occasion may be, whether we are hanging out with our friends in a restaurant or attending a dinner party at our relative’s house, chicken is always on the top of the menu. For a staunch non-veg lover, chicken is a must-have! Chilli chicken, chicken tikka, butter chicken, chicken pizza, just thinking about these delicacies has people drooling for more. If you are someone who is looking for an easy and delicious chicken curry to make at home, then we may just have the right suggestion for you, and it is garlic butter chicken.

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We all love garlic chicken! But it is quite time-consuming to prepare at home. Here we bring you a spicy chicken recipe that is comparatively easy to make. Bite-sized chicken chunks are coated in a luscious gravy made with loads of butter and garlic; This chicken curry is the perfect flavorsome starter you need to try. Serve this spicy and garlicky chicken gravy with hakka noodles or fried rice and you shall have a complete party meal ready at home. So, what are you waiting for?! Let’s head on to see how we can make this at home.

Garlic Butter Chicken Recipe: How To Make Garlic Butter Chicken At Home

Take a bowl, add chicken, salt pepper, maida and whisked egg. Mix it well. Fry the coated chicken till it is golden and crispy.

In a kadhai, melt butter. Saute chopped garlic and chopped onions. Mix in red chilli flakes, pepper, salt, oregano and corn flour slurry. Pour some water and let the gravy combine. Add the fried chicken.

Watch the step-by-step recipe video of Garlic Butter Chicken:

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?! Put on your apron and make this easy garlic butter chicken gravy at home. Do tell us in the comments section how you liked it!