What To Know Before Ordering

Beijing beef is a hearty helping of battered strips of beef, plus bell peppers and onions, that are cooked in a hot, oiled wok in a sweet and tangy sauce. If you’re looking to order the entree at Panda Express, that’s pretty much all you need to know. But if you want to recreate the chain’s Beijing beef at home, you’ll have to do a bit of creative research, as the chain has not publicly shared the official recipe.

The good news is that the dish only has four main building blocks — beef, bell peppers, onions, and sauce — and there are a lot of Beijing beef copycat recipes out there. One by Dinner Then Dessert has you coat flank steak in egg and cornstarch, then pan-fry it until golden brown. The veggies are cooked in the browned bits in the same pan, then removed so the homemade sweet-tangy sauce can reduce over heat until thickened. The mixture includes sugar, ketchup, hoisin, vinegar, and a trio of sauces: soy, oyster, and sweet chili. The sauce, meat, and veggies are tossed together before serving. If you want to recreate the Panda Express dish for yourself, you could try that method — or go the hassle-free route and pick up a bottle of the chain’s Beijing sauce at Walmart.